We rent an equal amount of the overall space to each area of “work, art, and community.” ExRotaprint oversees 10,000-square-meters of rentable space—from 600-square-meter industrial workshops to twenty-square-meter small offices and art studios. We look for tenants who are a good fit for Wedding and our immediate neighborhood. Tenants providing jobs, training, and valued social services have priority. ExRotaprint also offers space to creatives, designers, photographers, architects, and filmmakers; there are twenty-two art studios and, beginning in 2018, seventeen practice rooms for bands and musicians. A canteen serves tenants and local neighbors, a 185-square-meter project space can be rented by the day for hosting workshops and events, and we have two guest apartments. The architectural conglomeration comprising buildings from earlier eras and modern additions from the 1950s is ideal for creating an open and heterogeneous environment.

Additional information about us the tenants and our work on site can be found here.


Spaces for rent:

ExRotaprint rents out a 78 sqm live-work-unit for 3 years to artists who are about to move to Berlin or who are planning to work on a project in Berlin.
The unit is available, starting April 1st 2023. Studio and living space are directly connected. Wifi is available. The live-work-unit is located on the 4th floor, the studio is directed towards south-west and offers a brilliant view over the compound. The net rental costs are 5,00 €/sqm per month, plus 2,80 €/sqm prepayments for operating costs and heating per month, plus 19% tax and electricity. Professionally working artists are welcome to apply via email, please include a web address for us to see your work online.
contact: studio@exrotaprint.de